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COVID-19 response product to help reduce the spread of airborne disease

February 1, 2021

Portascanner® COVID-19 is a non-invasive answer to ‘patch and hope’ measures. With minimal training this maintenance equipment allows the user to efficiently locate and then quantify the leaks, as small as 0.5mm in diameter. The air flow rate can then be calculated, generating an air permeability value for an entire ICU ward, crucial in achieving negative pressurisation. Hospitals can now go above and beyond standards, with the ability to photograph, record, and export test reports, all in the tap of a finger.

For the first time ever, ultrasonics is being used in hospitals to help reduce airborne contagion spread in negatively pressurised ICU wards, via the Portascanner® COVID-19 by Coltraco Ultrasonics. Maintenance of wards has never been more pressing, as a December 2020 study showed that 56% of air samples taken from hospital hallways contain high levels of coronavirus (JAMA Network).

Existing methods for achieving negative pressurisation are disruptive (requiring patients to be moved), costly (bringing in third-party contractors), and ineffective  because the user cannot identify specific areas of leakage, leaving remedial action to inaccurate speculation. Whilst 2020 hit the pause button, innovation thrived.

Coltraco Ultrasonics applied 30 years’ expertise to design a solution to help the NHS fight COVID-19 which resulted in winning a UK-Government funded Emergency Response Grant. Seven months later, Coltraco Ultrasonics proudly present a solution to improve air quality and protect staff and patients against the spread of airborne diseases, such as SARS-CoV-2.

The NHS is struggling to bear the brunt of this virus, and the Portascanner® COVID-19 provides a hand-held solution that gives you confidence in the secureness of your ward, and the safety of its people.

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