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New medtech firm drives innovation in oxygen delivery

Camcon Medical Ltd has launched in the UK, with one of its first ventures looking to drive innovation in oxygen delivery.

November 22, 2018

Camcon Medical Ltd has launched in the UK, with one of its first ventures looking to drive innovation in oxygen delivery. The new UK medical technology company specialises in the precise, high-speed and low energy control of liquid and gas in the healthcare and life sciences industry through its unique Binary Actuation Technology (BAT).

BAT has the potential to optimise the controlled flow of any fluid in a clinical or laboratory environment. However, Camcon Medical’s fundamental intention is to introduce BAT to areas of substantial unmet medical need, where the benefits of its unique valve can enhance the performance of existing devices and create new innovations across multiple applications that require fluid control, whether in-vivo or ex-vivo, providing sustainable and effective solutions that have clinical value, improve patient quality of life and are cost efficient. The combination of this innovative technology and its big ambition to transform flow control makes Camcon Medical a med-tech company to watch in 2019.

Camcon Medical has identified respiratory care as an area of particular interest, with an initial focus on the medical devices market. One of its first applications will involve oxygen delivery, where accurate dosing is a substantial clinical challenge, especially as over or under dosing of oxygen can be fatal. An estimated 2,000 to 4,000 patients a year in the UK die from incorrect oxygen supply.

Charles Potter, Director at Camcon Medical, explains:

Patient safety and quality of life are key for people who require oxygen therapy, whether within the home or clinical environment, which is where BAT can provide substantial benefits. The accurate dosage provided through our intelligent and silent valve technology can also reduce wastage, providing greater cost efficiencies, which is extremely important, as currently £34million is spent each year in the UK on wasted oxygen. We believe that with our technology we can deliver true innovation within this market, demonstrating the three dimensions of value that are critical in healthcare, including clinical benefit, patient quality of life and economic value.”

First invented in 1998 by Wladyslaw Wygnanski, BAT is a fail-safe and pioneering technology that allows a valve to switch between its open and closed status faster than any other valve mechanisms, all while using a miniscule amount of energy, resulting in major breakthroughs across an array of industry challenges and markets. The move into healthcare and life sciences follows on from BAT’s proven success and established heritage in the oil and gas and automotive industries.

Wladyslaw Wygnanski, Director at Camcon Medical, adds:

The secret to BATs years of success is its versatility. While our initial efforts are focused on medical devices, this is just the beginning for us. We are also looking at opportunities within three additional areas where BAT can be applied. These include implantable devices within the human body, mechanical aids, such as prosthetics and blood circulation support and accurate laboratory dispensing equipment, which can also be applied to drug dosing and delivery. We are reviewing the opportunities within these markets and are keen to invite potential partners to collaborate with us on enhancing their own products, developing our initial concepts and creating new innovations.”

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