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New podcast launched for people with arthritis

World Arthritis Day - 12 October

October 12, 2021

Arthritis Ireland has launched a new podcast series for people living with arthritis, to coincide with World Arthritis Day (12 October). Inflammation Nation is the latest initiative from the national patient organisation, aimed at supporting the one million people living with the condition in Ireland.

 The eight-week series will feature a variety of national and international guests, discussing the latest research in rheumatology, as well as looking at how arthritis can affect work, relationships and how people can better manage their condition.

The series is presented by Arthritis Ireland’s chief executive, Gráinne O’Leary, and the head of communications and advocacy, Brian Lynch.

Arthritis Ireland has launched a new podcast series for people living with arthritis

The first episode which has just landed features an interview with consultant rheumatologist, Prof Oliver FitzGerald, and with UCD scientist, Prof Stephen Pennington, discussing psoriatic arthritis and a €21 million international research project into the condition, called Hippocrates.

 “Our motivation in developing Inflammation Nation was to increase awareness and understanding around arthritis and related conditions,” said O’Leary. “One million people in Ireland are living with arthritis. The reality is that we all know someone – and probably several people who has arthritis. However, because it’s an invisible disease, it’s not obvious who is living with the condition, who’s managing the pain and fatigue it causes.

 “In this first series of Inflammation Nation, you’re going to hear from national and international experts in their field; people who are helping to create a brighter, better world for people with arthritis. That’s also our vision at Arthritis Ireland: A better world for people living with arthritis today and a world without arthritis tomorrow,” she stated.

Inflammation Nation is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube, as well as on the organisation’s website, New episodes are published every Friday.

Inflammation Nation is supported by a grant from Pfizer.

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by Gwyn Tudor