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Tecman launches sustainable PPE innovation to support NHS carbon reduction

July 5, 2021

Tecman, a Warwickshire based PPE manufacturer, has launched Optec™, a new re-usable face shield to help NHS organisations improve sustainability.

Optec™ is the result of a Tecman R&D programme designed to turn bio-sourced materials into face and eye protection products for use in secondary care, social care and dentistry markets. It provides clinical and non-clinical workers with effective protection from spray and droplets while minimising plastic usage and prioritising comfort.

Tecman has developed Optec™ as a response to government recommendations, published in September 2020, for a more sustainably managed PPE solution. The company prides itself on sourcing materials responsibly and using innovative manufacturing processes to save tonnes of plastic compared to common production methods used by other suppliers.

Optec™ uses high performance biomaterial technology for the headband, with cleaning options including Clinell® wipes or thermal-washer disinfectors. NHS workers often suffer from pressure sores after wearing PPE for prolonged periods of time, leading Tecman to use super soft non-absorbent closed cell foam padding to improve comfort. Optec™ can be fitted with three types of screens; impact resistant, biomaterial, or single use, all of which are optically clear and have antifog properties, giving healthcare workers excellent visibility for all day use.

Commenting on the launch of Optec, Kevin Porter, Technical Director at Tecman said:

“We’ve spent a long-time developing Optec™ because we wanted to create the most comfortable, high performance, sustainable face shield on the market. Optec™ uses bioplastic made from trees which is cleanable and reusable, making it very cost effective and combined with compact packaging, minimises the carbon emissions involved in shipping product to customers. I’m confident Optec™ will help NHS organisations reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the environmental costs often associated with vital PPE.”

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