Microbiome Connect Gut Therapeutics returns in November

August 23, 2021

Microbiome Connect Gut Therapeutics returns on November 17-18 for its sixth iteration; in-person, in Boston – featuring a new for 2021, dedicated manufacturing stream.

2020 was an exciting year for the gut microbiome field; Seres and Rebiotix produced positive phase 3 clinical data, innovation in the gut-organ axis fields at an all-time high, and investment into the space growing. However, as our understanding of the gut microbiome deepens, we approach the FDA approval of an LBP, questions regarding the regulatory roadmap of microbiome modulating products, standardization of biomarkers, and the commercially viable manufacturing process LBPs start to arise. 

Join 50+ expert speakers from Clinical Microbiomics, Merck, 4D Pharma, Rebiotix, Seres, Takeda, Finch, the FDA, and many more to learn of the latest clinical developments and overcome current manufacturing and R&D obstacles. 

Future proof your pipeline by discovering what Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Merck Life Sciences think the future trends in the gut microbiome therapeutic market will be. Make an informed pivot into this rapidly changing space by examining the state of the gut-brain axis with the likes of Jim Adams, Ruth Luna Ann, Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Anavex, and Rochellys Diaz Heijtz.

Hear from Seventure and the Small Business Innovation Fund to learn what investors look for in microbiome-based projects, so the next investment rounds and meetings achieve maximum results. Uncover leveraging lessons from C.difficle clinicals and research from Rebiotix, Evelo, Seres and Finch, to ensure development of the next generation of microbiome therapies clinicals optimise the next generation of microbiome therapies. 

Attendees of Gut Therapeutics will have access to the whole 6th Annual Microbiome Connect events, which includes Oral and Skin – join the microbiome society in one place.

Download the full agenda and view the full speaker list here.

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