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Interactive textiles to support independent living

Bonnie Binary is exploring the use of e-textiles and interactive interfaces that make it easier for people to operate technology.

November 13, 2018

The challenge

Not everyone is comfortable using technology. For example, many people have problems navigating multiple remotes. Bonnie Binary’s tactile, easy-to use textile interfaces make technology more accessible for those who struggle with it. The company approached the Health Tech Hub with a proof-of-concept, but with questions regarding the best method to perform product testing. They specifically required a cost-effective, robust system to functionally test prototype e-textile resistive sensors, which are an integral part of their textile products for assisted living.

Helping to achieve solutions

The Health Tech Hub assisted Bonnie Binary by:

  • Scoping the development work required to meet the objectives.
  • Researching application-specific hand force ranges to understand how this applies to Bonnie Binary’s products.
  • Designing and providing a test platform, including a computer interface read-out of key sensor parameters.
  • Advising on appropriate product quality control tests and helping to plan for future product development.

Next steps

With the support of the Health Tech Hub, Bonnie Binary now has a prototype system which has been thoroughly tested. With this, the company will launch a kick-starter campaign to take their first product to market. They are reaching out to industrial manufacturers to develop new collaborations. The market will include people with early stage dementia and elderly patients, who would benefit from a simple, tactile interface.

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