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New solution for manufacturers to advance production accuracy, efficiency and quality

August 7, 2019


MasterControl, a provider of software solutions that enable life sciences and other regulated companies to deliver life-changing products to more people sooner, has announced the release of its newest solution: MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™. 

In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturers must be able to effectively convert data, digitisation and automation into measurable, scalable impact to product quality and operational performance. 

Consistently achieving this level of manufacturing excellence, however, requires fully digitised production records and processes so plant operations, line performance and quality assurance teams can seamlessly be connected. Yet, most production environments still depend on error prone paper-based production records – contributing to poor resource utilisation, inefficient processes, higher deviation rates and delayed product releases.    



The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution transforms manufacturers’ production records and processes so they’re paperless, errorless and frictionless by:

  • Removing remaining paper from the shop floor to ensure that product reviews and releases are fully digital, connected and accelerated
  • Eliminating preventable errors, long review cycles and costly waste created by manual data entry processes to get production right the first time
  • Reducing friction between operations and quality assurance priorities and metrics to improve line performance and accelerate production

Robin Joyner, System Administrator at Wellington Foods, said:

“Like many manufacturers, we’ve struggled to overcome persistent production documentation errors and rising manufacturing costs. However after implementing the MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution, we experienced a 90 percent decrease in data input errors, which allowed us to accelerate production record execution and product releases to grow our business more efficiently.” 

By accelerating production record processes, improving cycle times and efficiency, enhancing line performance and providing greater visibility throughout the manufacturing cycle, the product benefits manufacturing executives, plant managers, line supervisors and quality engineers. The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution has a patent-pending builder tool allowing organisations to configure the digital solution to their existing processes, streamlining both implementation and adaptability. The builder tool houses the global elements of the manufacturing processes, allowing users to update once and have information propagated throughout the system. 

With the addition of the Manufacturing Excellence™ solution to the suite of cloud-based MasterControl products, companies can now manage quality, validation, compliance and process applications throughout the entire product life cycle on a single, configurable platform with unmatched flexibility, performance and value.  

MasterControl CEO Jon Beckstrand said:

“Over the past decade, the manufacturing industry has adopted an arsenal of software systems in an attempt to better manage complex equipment, processes, data and planning. But as technology continues to advance and customer demands compound, these systems are falling short. It’s more important than ever that manufacturers move away from inefficient, insecure and costly paper-based and hybrid processes. To remain competitive in an age of data-driven intelligence and smart manufacturing, manufacturers must successfully digitally transform, and we’re thrilled to help them do just that with our new manufacturing-specific, cloud-based solution.”

The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution includes the following tools:

  • MasterControl EBR™: Contains the essential tools needed by pharmaceutical and other process manufacturers to streamline and maintain orderly master batch and batch production records 
  • MasterControl eDHR™: Provides all the capabilities needed by medical device and discrete manufacturers to gain total control of device history records (DHRs) and device master records (DMRs)
  • MasterControl Recipe™: Helps process manufacturers manage recipe changes and substitutions in a single master recipe template
  • MasterControl Variant™: Allows discrete manufacturing companies to easily manage product family variation changes and substitutions in one master template
  • MasterControl Equipment Calibration™: Automates equipment calibration for more efficient manufacturing performance
  • MasterControl Equipment Maintenance™: Manages the equipment maintenance schedule and automatically generates preventive maintenance tasks before they’re due

Cory Robinson, Director of Quality at Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, said:

“By preventing documentation issues in real-time to minimise error corrections (waste), we mitigate the need for deviations and rework, and also strengthen our compliance efforts. The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution enables us to save time by ensuring data integrity the first time, which has improved our overall quality performance and positively impacted the customer experience across our entire production life cycle.”

The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution is available now to any manufacturing organisation that wishes to drive higher production efficiency, accelerate product releases, minimize waste and improve their bottom line. For more information on the solution, including demos and pricing, please visit: www.mastercontrol.com/manufacturing/ 

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