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New website to support and empower people with Haemophilia

December 18, 2019

Sobi™ UK & ROI is launching its new website, Liberate Life, to provide support, resources and the latest information to people with Haemophilia and empower them to live without compromise.

The Liberate Life initiative is a long-term commitment to encourage people with Haemophilia to live life beyond their condition. As part of this initiative, Sobi aims to provide information for family members, friends and healthcare professionals.

There are many challenges for people living with Haemophilia and those caring for them, which change throughout their lifetime. The website offers tailored information and support to parents, teenagers and seniors. Topics include understanding haemophilia, caring for a child with haemophilia, work, travel and keeping active, as well as lifestyle choices. The website looks to empower individuals by sharing real life stories from ‘Liberators’ within the Haemophilia community, who have overcome their own challenges and achieved their aspirations.

Neil Dugdale, Vice-President and General Manager for Sobi UK & RoI, says:

“As part of Sobi’s commitment to people with Haemophilia, we aim to shape new standards, optimise treatment, build evidence and create sustainable care access. Liberate Life is an initiative which looks at the bigger picture, focusing on providing valuable support and improving individual’s quality of life as a whole. We are proud to provide this continued support, challenging the status quo in Haemophilia care.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to the Haemophilia community, Sobi will continue to work in collaboration with The Haemophilia Society, to develop content and resources, which will be available on the Liberate Life UK website and shared across the Liberate Life online community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SobiLiberateLifeUKandIreland/. Content will include frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Haemophilia, haemophilia treatment and maintaining good joint health.

Liz Carroll, Chief Executive of The Haemophilia Society, explains:

“Haemophilia doesn’t just impact the individual living with the condition. Working in collaboration with Sobi, and with the help of the community, we are producing helpful and informative resources to support, encourage and motivate people with Haemophilia to seek more from life and hope to inspire individuals, driving positive change.”

Haemophilia is a rare genetic disorder in which the ability of a person’s blood to clot is impaired. There are two main forms of the disease: haemophilia A, affecting around 6,752 people and the less common haemophilia B, affecting around 1,494 individuals. The main goal of treatment is to prevent bleeding and protect against complications, although the specific type of treatment people receive is dependent upon bleeding disorder severity. There is no cure for Haemophilia, but appropriate management will allow individuals to lead full, healthy and active lives.

For more information, visit www.liberatelife.co.uk

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