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Award winning S-Cath system to be used across Texas to improve patient safety

April 9, 2021

ABHI US Accelerator member, Mediplus, has announced its pioneering suprapubic catheter system will be used by interventional radiologists in Texas.

Utilising the Seldinger Technique, the S-CathTM System offers several advantages to both the clinical staff and the patient, such as greater control, accuracy, reduced risk of trauma and tissue damage for the patient.

The S-CathTM System is the standard of care in the UK and is enjoying rapid adoption in the US market.

When compared to other Suprapubic Catheter Kits, the S-CathTM System provides a less traumatic approach, yet provides similar drainage benefits of larger devices. It also offers clinicians greater confidence inserting the trocar into the patient’s body as the track has already been secured by the guidewire. The safety guidewire improves insertion and removal, guaranteeing accurate placement of the trocar along the anesthetised track.

S-CathTM System also provides a staggering 40.75% reduction in Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI).

The procedure rarely needs to be undertaken as an inpatient, under general anaesthetic, or in an operating room – reducing hospital stay, as well as reducing overall costs. Studies show length of stay can be reduced from 2.3 days to a procedure time of less than 29 minutes.

The S-CathTM System was developed by Mediplus in close collaboration with Bristol Urology at NHS Southmead Hospital Bristol.

James Urie, Sales & Marketing Director at Mediplus, commented:

“We are delighted that a British developed device is now being used in Texas to support clinicians stateside. Mediplus is committed to developing safer and easier solutions for urology and we are proud that our device is now being used by interventional radiologists. S-CathTM System is available exclusively through PSS Urology.”

The award-winning medical device manufacturer is currently part of the ABHI US Accelerator programme, in partnership with Dell Medical School.

 Over the last four years, ABHI’s missions to the US have helped UK companies develop and strengthen partnerships across the country with a variety of organisations including academic, investor communities and professional service providers. Outcomes from the missions have included clinical trials, research collaborations, new partnerships and sales.

Paul Benton, Managing Director, International ABHI, added:

“This is a great example of how a UK developed device is now being used by clinicians to improve patient safety. The UK is a leader in innovation, and I am delighted that through programmes like the US Accelerator clinicians are able to access UK technologies and introduce them into standard care to help improve clinical technique and patient outcomes.”

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