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Middle Eastern success for pioneering Scottish SME

March 5, 2020

The Middle East’s largest medical exhibition has proven its value for Scottish SME Clear Surgical Ltd – who have landed a string of new business opportunities following their first-ever exhibition at the event.

The future looks bright for Clear Surgical Ltd following their participation at Arab Health 2020 as part of the ABHI UK Pavilion – which every year provides a key platform for UK health technology companies to connect with buyers and clinicians in the MENA region.

Supported by Scottish Development International, Clear Surgical Ltd were amongst the 4,250 other companies exhibiting at the show, where they were showcasing their revolutionary product OpLight™ – a single use, sterile, LED surgical light.

Designed to directly illuminate the interior cavity of an incision during surgery, the ground-breaking product offers an alternative to traditional overhead lighting systems, which can sometimes be sub-optimal for surgery into deep cavities where shadowing can be an issue. The patented light guide designed into each OpLight™ cartridge maximises and carefully directs light into the cavity to eliminate this problem.

Described as ‘stick and click’, the unique product is cable-free and specifically designed with double-sided tape to enable easy attachment to all flat bladed retractors. During surgical procedures, as the organs are moved and removed, the overhead lights do not require adjustment as the OpLight™ accommodates the changes within the cavity – saving time, eye strain and the possibility of infection.

Following their success at Arab Health, Clear Surgical Ltd now has several opportunities lined up to translate the unrivalled opportunities OpLight™ presents for surgeons in the UK, over to the thriving Middle East healthcare market.

Michelle Ward, Chairman and CEO at Clear Surgical Ltd, commented:

“As a result of our week at Arab Health, we are now in advanced discussions with two potential distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and hope to have advanced significantly by the end of March.

“Additionally, we are in discussion for a 7-figure deal in the MENA region, and that is in very advanced stages of negotiation already. Our ability to engage personally with potential clients is invaluable for us, and an SME like Clear Surgical certainly could never do that globally without these types of platforms.”

Attracting over 100,000 attendees annually, Arab Health is firmly positioned as the Middle East’s largest medical exhibition, giving companies around the world – including last year over 50 healthcare start-ups and SMEs – the opportunity to connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners.

Each year the ABHI – the UK’s leading industry association for the sector – hosts a number of Pavilions at key global exhibitions including Arab Health – giving an international platform to the UK health technology companies wishing to introduce their ground-breaking innovations to the growing healthcare industry in the MENA region.

Paul Benton, Managing Director, International, said:

“We are delighted to hear of the exciting new opportunities that lay in wait for Clear Surgical – it’s a commendable showcase of the invaluable potential that key trade shows such as Arab Health pose for Britain’s medical pioneers – and the importance of nurturing global links.”


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