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Medilink East Midlands welcomes its 21st Patron

February 1, 2019

The University of Derby has been recognised for the contribution it makes to life sciences, by becoming the 21st Patron of Medilink East Midlands (EM).

Medilink EM works with life science businesses, academic institutions and the NHS across the East Midlands, to help new and existing life science companies to develop and grow. Medilink EM has always offered a membership service to companies, in addition to the business support programmes it helps to deliver.

The University of Derby was looking to further develop its life science capabilities and recognised the work of Medilink EM as a key driver of life sciences within the East Midlands. Both organisations have worked closely for a number of years, but the University’s move to expand its life science involvement and offering led to an ongoing discussion between the University and Medilink EM, which resulted in the University of Derby becoming a Medilink EM Patron. 

Medilink EM Patronage is offered to organisations because of their prominence within the East Midlands and their recognition of the importance of Life Sciences in the region. Patrons also appreciate the positive contribution that Medilink EM makes to the sector through its business support activities. The University of Derby was one such organisation and joins other leading regional organisations, including fellow academic institutions the University of Leicester, the University of Nottingham, De Montfort University and Nottingham Trent University.

Darren Clark, Chief Executive of Medilink East Midlands, said:

“Medilink East Midlands is, first and foremost, a membership organisation. We exist to help life science companies across our area to set up and grow and we believe that collaboration is key to helping companies achieve their full potential. The East Midlands is at the forefront of the Life Science industry and our region is a powerhouse for life science businesses.

“I look forward to working with the University of Derby as one of our Patrons. I know that they share our passion for driving life sciences in the region and I believe that they will add a lot of value to Medilink East Midlands’ mission going forward.”

Amanda Baxendale, Head of Research and Innovation Services at the University of Derby, added:

“The University of Derby is a modern university focused on delivering excellence and opportunity across our region. We actively support organisations through knowledge transfer, consultancy, business support and training. Our research in life and natural sciences, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and data sciences, delivers real impact for our partners. We look forward to joining our fellow patron organisations and working alongside them as we help the East Midlands life science community to grow and prosper.”

by Editor