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Medilink UK appoints new CEO

January 23, 2020

Medilink UK, the largest representative body for the Health Technology sector in the UK, has appointed Mr Kevin Kiely as its CEO.

Kevin was co-founder of the Medilink model over twenty five years ago, which for the first time brought together in a formal regional association, the Health Technology and related Life Science industry, the NHS and universities, to drive innovation across the sector. Kevin will retain his position of CEO, Medilink North of England.

During this time, he has developed a deep understanding and connectivity with the sector throughout the UK and overseas, which plays a key role in the health and wealth of the nation.

Kevin is uniquely placed to work with national agencies to ensure that the needs of the Health Technology and related Life Sciences sector are fully considered in all future developments and that opportunities, post BREXIT, are realised.

Bill Cruise, Medilink UK Chairman, said:

“The strength of Medilink UK continues to be the in-depth relationships that its constituent Medilink organisations have in regions across the UK. However, the sector is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and it has become clear that Medilink UK needs to play a more proactive national role if opportunities are to be maximised.  I am therefore delighted to announce the appointment of Medilink UK’s first national CEO, Kevin Kiely.”

Kevin Kiely said:

“Having been involved in the development of regional Medilink organisations across the UK for over 25 years, and seeing the Medilink UK infrastructure grow to a point where it is now the largest representative body for the Health Technology industry, I understand many of the challenges facing its organisations, not least the demands of the new Medical Device & IVD regulations. However, I can also see major opportunities, particularly for international trade, in rapidly growing markets for health technology products outside of Europe.

“Support in fast tracking innovation (investment, R&D & product adoption) and in driving internationalisation, will be key in 2020, and I look forward to contributing to national developments that will not only stimulate growth in the Health Technology sector but also lead to better health outcomes.”

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