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PEP Health selected to take part in first-ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator

March 22, 2022

PEP Health – a health technology company using AI to analyse the patient experience and improve care – has been selected to take part in the first-ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator in the UK. The programme will support them to scale their operations in the United States.

PEP Health is one of only 12 start-ups invited to participate in the newly-launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Accelerator programme. The 4-week programme is dedicated to cultivating and promoting innovative start-up solutions in the UK that achieve the quadruple aim of improved patient experience, improved clinician experience, better health outcomes, and lower cost of care.

The company was selected from 117 companies in 13 countries, including the UK, by a panel from AWS and PUBLIC, a leading government-focused technology company helping partners to digitally innovate their services and systems.

Founded by a team passionate about giving the patient a voice, PEP Health uses AI to provide deep insight into what patients are thinking in real time. The company’s proprietary Natural Language Processing technology transforms millions of patient comments into measurable and comparable data so that they can be used to improve experiences, drive better outcomes and democratise the patient voice.

The company partners with the NHS in the UK and will now be supported by AWS in their mission to unlock value-based healthcare in key markets such as the US.

Mark Lomax, CEO, PEP Health, said: “We are so delighted and proud to be selected to participate in the AWS Healthcare Accelerator programme. We are excited for the unique opportunity to work with such a talented team of experts at AWS to accelerate our US expansion plans and technical roadmap, while helping to garner commercial recognition and validation in the UK and US markets. The accelerator opens opportunities to meet large strategic partners in the US, and we look forward to getting started as one of the handful of UK start-ups selected to take part in the programme.”

Over four weeks, PEP Health, along with the other 11 participants, will receive AWS Promotional Credits, specialised AWS training, technical, business, and go-to-market mentorship from experts from AWS and the PUBLIC network.

Through the programme, the company will be supported to foster collaborative opportunities with AWS customers and AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, a community featuring over 100,000 partners from more than 150 countries looking for innovative healthcare solutions.

Mark adds: “The support from AWS is incredibly valuable in enabling us to unlock commercial relationships and get our technology to a place where we can rapidly scale. Through the programme, we will also have the opportunity to leverage their Marketplace and Amazon Partners Network. This means we will be able to engage with a wide array of partners in the US to accelerate commercial traction.”

Kickstarted in March, the Healthcare Accelerator programme was announced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the world’s leading cloud computing service provider – in October 2021, having previously launched for US companies that same year. It aims to support innovators to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare industry.

PEP Health is a social media listening tool which offers a radical new approach to collecting and analysing the views of patients on the health services they have received. In the UK, the technology represents a paradigm shift in how the NHS listens to patients and learns from their insights.

With healthcare organisations across the United States increasingly focusing on how to deliver a superior patient experience, the technology can help organisations to uncover deep insights across the patient journey, understand the key drivers, and take action to improve them.

PEP Health is additionally being supported with their US Strategy by the ABHI – a UK based trade association – and are part of ABHI US Accelerator programme in partnership with Dell Medical School, Texas. The programme aims to de-risk market entry into the world’s biggest health technology market.

ABHI’s Managing Director, International, Paul Benton added: “The fact that PEP Health was selected for this programme, amongst so much strong global competition, is further evidence of the world-leading capabilities UK companies are able to offer patients. Through the ABHI US Accelerator programme we are supporting PEP Health with their US strategy, so that they can continue to bring this fantastic technology to more healthcare institutions.”  

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by Sam Tudor