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Partnership to improve the patient experience in cancer care

April 26, 2021

Clinical Outcomes Solutionsa global leader in the collectionanalysis and reporting of patientcentred outcomes data with offices in Folkestone (UK) and Tucson and Chicago (USA), has announced a collaborative partnership with Carevive Systems, a leading oncology-focused health technology company.  

Carevive is joining the Oncology Outcomes initiativelaunched in February 2019, to deliver world-class data and analysis to improve the patient experience and enhance survival outcomes of cancer patients.    

The partnership will leverage Carevive’s innovative digital oncology platform to capture the patient experience while on treatment, and COS’s deep experience in analysing these types of data, providing invaluable insights for life science companies and regulatory authorities.  

 The Carevive platform PROmpt® enables cancer care teams to monitor and manage their patients remotely, which improves survival outcomes and patient quality of life. The platform also enables large-scale digital data collection via the Oncology Pragmatic Trial Investigator Network (Carevive OPT-IN®)merging electronic medical records (EMR) with patient reported outcomes (PRO) to offer cancer centres a holistic, longitudinal view of their cancer patient population for quality improvement and pathway enhancement purposes.   

COS is a global leader in delivering innovative science to capture and communicate the patient voice, in order to provide actionable evidence through qualitative and quantitative research, with a specific focus on Clinical Outcomes Assessments in the oncology space. Through the partnership, COS will apply this expertise to providing data analytic support to generate insights from these novel patient experience datasets.   

Stacie Hudgens, Chief Executive Officer at COS, said:

We are very excited to announce this partnership with Carevive, an organisation that shares our deep-rooted passion for world-class oncology research to improve the patient experience. The depth and breadth of the Carevive datasets provide access to a host of data on solid tumors and liquid cancers, and will enhance our ability to improve the patient journey.”  

Bruno Lempernesse, Chief Executive Officer at Carevivesaid:

Carevive is committed to reshaping the way cancer care is delivered so that therapies can become more personalised through the use of real-world patient data. We are delighted to announce this partnership with COS, an organisation that has supported the development of our patient experience data collection efforts from its inception. By combining COS’s FDA and industry expertise with Carevive data, this partnership provides a model of how to approach realworld evidence and patientreported outcomes with cancer care teams, regulatory authorities and life science companies.”  

Tara Symonds, Chief Science Officer at COS, added:

“We have seen the benefit from monitoring patient symptoms over time while on treatment across numerous cancer types. Oncology treatments are highly toxic and can cause significant side effects. Thus, effective, real-time monitoring enables far quicker intervention and the opportunity to improve the patient experience and enhance symptom management.

“Research conducted by renowned medical oncologist and PRO expert Ethan Basch M.D. has shown that such intervention can add six months to survival, significant finding for the benefit of patients with cancer. Digital Health Solutions, such as the Carevive platform, are the key to demonstrating the extent to which patients’ symptoms and quality of life are improved by particular treatments, and are rapidly becoming a critical tool for our clients when conducting real-world assessments of the impact of their drugs.   

“The platform also offers additional benefits, such as the opportunity to design real-world studies for our clients, which would not be possible without access to Carevive’s database.”  

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