GAMA Healthcare Showcases Infection Control Technologies at Arab Health

Joining the ABHI UK Pavilion, GAMA will be leading live demonstrations of their solutions for Environmental Decontamination

January 19, 2023

Recently, the spotlight has been shone on ventilation and how good ventilation can play a role in reducing the risk of airborne transmission of infections. Improving ventilation has been a significant challenge for healthcare providers, workplaces, and homes across the globe.

Visitors to the ABHI UK Pavilion, at Arab Health, will be able to see how quickly and efficiently GAMA’s Rediairinstant air purification system can clean the air in an enclosed environment. The devicedesigned for use in hospital settings, can trap particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

In addition, the portable air filter is proven to be 10 times more effective than HEPA 13 air purifiers, as it has dual-intake medical grade HEPA 14 filters. These filters trap 99.995% of airborne particles, as well as ventilating rooms up to 120m3 with 5 air changes per hour – providing powerful air purification for current industry standards.

GAMA’s Rediairinstant air purification system can clean the air in an enclosed environment

The company will also be showcasing the world’s first portable patient isolation room, Rediroomgiving visitors a chance to witness how quickly the solution can be deployed and stored as a time-effective isolation method for patients.

Rediroom has been recognised for its ability to allow hospitals to rapidly respond to infection outbreaks by isolating patients anywhere. TIME magazine also recognised the innovation and listed Rediroom as one of the Best Inventions of 2022.

The solution which is wheeled on a cart containing plastic scaffolding and a single-use canopy that is assembled to surround a hospital bed in about five minutes has been successfully deployed in the UK’s NHS. In one case, hospital-onset COVID-19 cases declined by 75% after a hospital system began using Redirooms to isolate patients in admissions and ward areas.

Dr Allen Hanouka, Co-founder and CEO of GAMA Healthcare, said: “We have been attending Arab Health since 2009 and are always impressed to see how it has grown over the years both in terms of number of visitors and the variety of innovation on display. We have made great connections and partnerships which were initiated from Arab Health in the past and hope to continue that process. Our partners from all over the world visit Arab Health, and we look forward to meeting our existing partners and make new partnerships with both our distributors and our customers alike. It is also a place of learning, where we also get to meet our peers in the industry and review latest developments in the healthcare sector.

With headquarters in Hemel Hempstead, England, GAMA now have offices in six cities, across three continents. The company’s global presence has continued to grow under the Clinell brand and many more, and they have become market leaders in hospitals across 11 countries including UK and Australia. They now export products to over 70 countries worldwide

The company consistently innovates and has patented many unique formulations to help reduce the spread of infections such as COVID—19. This includes a range of air filtration, surface cleaning and disinfection and hand hygiene solutions for healthcare and dental environments.

GAMA Healthcare will be located on the ABHI UK Pavilion – Stand H2.C30.

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by Gwyn Tudor