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Perfecting Surgical Site Illumination with the new improved Q‑Flow 2021

March 5, 2021

A new improved Q-Flow™ surgical light has been revealed by Merivaara of Finland. The enhanced Q-Flow 2021 has been reformed in key features such as optics, resilience, colour temperature and extended autonomy.

The optics in this surgical light has been improved to deliver an increased depth of illumination, creating a longer, more precise column of light that easily penetrates deep human cavities such as the thoracic region.

It incorporates a new green ambient feature creating a perfect lighting environment to reduce fatigue during keyhole surgery, with better camera image quality and less reflection. The advanced touch screen interface has improved touch accuracy, enabling seamless control of the light and camera during surgery.

Its new low voltage detection feature prevents disruptions to surgery in the event of an outage. Should a mains failure occur, Q-Flow 2021 switches to battery mode and theatre staff are notified. A lamp head battery ensures the light continues to work during electrical blackouts to minimise disruptions, and with extended autonomy, the light detects lower voltage and adjusts illumination levels to extend the operating life up to 6 hours.

Stephen Coleman, Clinical Sales Manager at Bender UK said:

“Q-Flow 2021 brings Merivaara a step closer to perfecting surgical site illumination. This light wows every surgical team that uses it.”

The award-winning technology has been carefully re-engineered based on feedback from surgeons to meet their precise needs. The new functionalities are geared towards generating increased resilience, efficiency, power and autonomy and aims to make the work of surgeons easier so their primary focus is the patient.

With state-of-the-art engineering at its core, Q-Flow™ Q4 and Q6 lights offer far greater benefits for surgeons enabling them to distinguish more clearly between different tones of tissue colours, and blood.  

“Merivaara take pride in developing pioneering equipment that increases the quality and efficiency of surgical operations. Q-Flow™ 2021 represents a ground-breaking solution that pushes the boundaries of their award-winning light even further. We are delighted to be able to offer this light to our healthcare customers,” added Gareth Brunton.

Merivaara lights form part of Bender UK’s comprehensive range of healthcare solutions. The improved Q-Flow™ 2021 is exclusively supplied by Bender UK in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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